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Supply-Chain Solutions That Create Better Business

By: Dave Wyttenbach

In an Amazon world, where everyone is accustomed to unlimited selection and two-day delivery, the current supply chain crisis is officially affecting all aspects of life, from groceries to gift giving and from cars to kitchen remodels. What are your options for serving customers through this challenge when so many factors feel like they are outside your control?

In the last two years I have not spoken with a business owner or human resources manager, regardless of the industry, that is not having difficulty finding employees.

You're ready for the next steps for your business. But do you know how to prepare for those next steps?

Getting paid quickly helps control cash flow. A well-crafted email can actually help your invoices get paid faster! The following tips can help.

Like many entrepreneurs, you probably started with little more than energy, confidence, and a clever idea. Life has changed a lot since then.

Benefits of paying with your phone include: It’s safer, and it’s private. There are several payment apps available including Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

One of the main decisions in commercial investing is whether to buy an existing property or build new construction.

It's fairly common for your customers to be using your competitors. But there is a way you can try and take that business using 'pull strategy.'

A bridge loan may be handy in a seller's market. Learn more about how a bridge loan works, and what the benefits of a bridge loan are.

Get a recap on how the market did in February of 2018.

In the current climate, it's a seller's market for businesses. Answer these key questions to determine if you are ready to sell your business.

Do you know how the new tax law affects C-Corporations versus Pass-Through or S-Corporations? Learn the tax rate difference.

Capital Expenditures are important to most business operations. Investment often leads to a gain in operating efficiencies and increased profit margins.

Capital Expenditures are important to most business operations. Investment often leads to a gain in operating efficiencies and increased profit margins.

Do you sell products online using an Internet Merchant Account? If so, it’s important to understand how to protect yourself from credit card fraud.

Did you know you could search for vendors who take Business Visa with the Visa Supplier Locator feature? We walk you through the search process.

Saving for a down payment can be tough. We debunk four myths around down payments to help future homeowners get their dream home.

Better time management may be the solution to a team that doesn't have enough time in the day for business development and continued first-rate service.

Ask your bank to be more than just an investor in your business.

When it comes to applying for a business loan, there are five things that every owner should do to secure the best one.

How do you go about creating an investment portfolio? What investments are right for you? What resources are there to help you with investment decisions?

Thanks to advances in technology, bank customers are now able to avoid trips to their local branch through mobile banking.

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