Avoid Financial Road Bumps When Traveling

BY: Brent Landrum

With winter showing no mercy this year, many Wisconsinites will try to seek refuge in warmer climates over spring break. State Bank of Cross Plains wants to help you access your money safely and conveniently while away from home.

Consider these tips as you plan your getaway:

  1. Call Your Bank: SBCP goes the extra mile to protect customers from fraud. That means we may put a hold on your account if we notice unusual activity—like visiting an ATM in another state or charging a surf board when you live in Wisconsin! By letting us know you will be traveling, we can allow out-of-the-ordinary transactions to go through without delay. Simply let us know the dates and destination(s) of your trip. 
  1. Visit Your Bank: Will you need extra cash on your trip? Plan in advance how much you will need to have with you. If foreign currency is required, save yourself time and confusion when you arrive at your destination by ordering or exchanging money before you depart.
  1. Link Accounts: You can access multiple deposit accounts at an ATM if you get it set up ahead of time. This includes both checking and savings accounts.
  1. Minimize ATM Fees: In addition to withdrawing some starter cash before you leave, avoid paying excess ATM fees by doing research to determine which locations at your travel destination have the lowest cost or free access. SBCP’s website allows you to search ATMs within a set mileage range. Know before you go!
  1. Use Credit Cards: Some travelers don’t like to carry a lot of cash. Luckily, a credit card is a great travel companion for a variety of reasons. You can track your expenditures all in one place. You can help keep spending under control by using one credit card approved for a low credit limit. (This may be especially helpful for parents who are sending their kids on a trip with friends.) In addition, credit cards offer fraud protections. Just remember, avoid unnecessary declines by letting the bank know when and where you will be traveling and using this credit card.
  1. Activate Card Valet: This feature of mobile banking allows you to monitor your SBCP credit card activity in real time. Whether you temporarily misplace the card while traveling or see your child is spending too much on spring break with friends, you can turn the card on and off using your mobile phone. You can even set parameters for certain types of transactions, allowing you to retain more control.

A little advanced planning and smart use of banking apps and services can help create smooth sailing whether you travel by land or sea. Contact us to learn more about these and other tips!

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Brent Landrum

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