Enhance Your Business's Knowledge Capital with a Team-Based Banking Approach

BY: Sam Huntington

As Thomas Jefferson famously said: “Knowledge is power.” At State Bank of Cross Plains, not only do we have bankers who want to partner with you to provide you the best possible business banking experience, we have experts in every area of banking to add to your own knowledge base. Economists will tell you that having access to this type of specialized expertise is called knowledge capital" knowledge capital,” and it can provide you with a valuable competitive advantage.

Here’s how we do it: Instead of expecting one person to be an expert in all areas of banking, we understand that today’s commercial banking has complexities and subtleties that one person – no matter how good he or she is – cannot be expected to master. Think of it as a practical example of the economic theory of specialization, which shows a comparative advantage in service delivery when people are allowed to become experts in one field.

So, what does this mean for your business? It means that we have a team of experts ready to help you take your business to the next level. These critical areas for a business include:

Commercial Lending

Our lenders understand how to structure credit to allow you to manage cash flow and grow your business according to your plan. They understand the technical aspects of small business lending programs, commercial real estate borrowing, equipment leasing, business credit lines, letters of credit, and land development loans. We even have an entire team of expert agricultural lenders and a comprehensive crop insurance business. Our commercial and ag lenders can provide you with options for rates and terms, and spend the time necessary to help you evaluate all available alternatives, ensuring that you have the tools to make an informed decision.

Treasury Management

Our  Treasury Management team’s goal is to assist you in managing your deposit accounts as efficiently as possible. They can help you easily make and receive payments by credit card, ACH, and wire transfer. They also help you concentrate cash, and provide access to an array of electronic banking services. Treasury management coordinates fraud mitigation tools, such as Positive Pay and ACH Filter, and can assist organizational development of internal and external fraud policies and controls. Our deposit operation specialists provide expert implementation and ongoing support, so that you can maximize the value of your treasury management relationship.

Wealth Management

In addition to serving individuals, our  Wealth Management team benefits our business clients in several ways. They provide opportunities for higher returns by creating custom investment accounts for excess cash. They also offer qualified and non-qualified retirement plan options that enable you to attract and retain employees. The team's trust and estate administration experts can assist you in the creation of business succession plans, to provide stability now and into the future.

Private Banking

As your business has grown, it’s likely that your personal finances have also become more complex. Our  Private Banking team is available to help you simplify and coordinate your personal banking. They can work with you to manage personal deposit accounts; structure mortgages, home equity loans, and college savings plans; and generally act as the point of contact for all of your family’s personal financial needs.

Our Locations

The primary contacts for many of our business customers can be found at the  locations they frequent most. Our office managers, personal bankers, and all customer support staff are able to help you at a location near you. Even if you choose the convenience of our integrated teller machines (ITMs), you’ll see us on the video screen ready to help you.

In addition to providing subject matter expertise, it’s our job to make sure that you have easy access to all this knowledge. That’s why we provide an account relationship manager to be your point of contact. Many of our business clients reach out directly to the subject matter experts in the areas described above, but having an account manager means you don’t need to remember who knows what – your relationship manager acts as the quarterback and will coordinate the right people to ensure your needs are met quickly and with the specialized expertise you deserve.


Sam Huntington

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