Huntington’s Thought Leadership on Educational Diversity Featured by In Business

February 18, 2021 – Educational Diversity Is a Key Element of a Strong Organization
Source: In Business

This afternoon, In Business picked up Sam Huntington’s February contribution to our thought leadership catalogue – “Educational Diversity Is a Key Element of a Strong Organization” – publishing it to their site as part of their “Open Mic” blog series and distributing it to subscribers of their twice-weekly digital newsletter. You can find it here

If you haven’t already checked it out on our own blog, absolutely give it a read. Sam does a fantastic job of explaining the benefits to businesses of having an educationally variegated talent pool.

“I’m very fortunate in that I’ve worked for companies that support and value education, and I’ve been able to augment my on-the-job experience with professional courses and certification programs throughout my career. Many employers agree that giving employees the opportunity to take formal business classes to fill in more educational gaps and hone the skills needed in their chosen profession gives a company a versatile, smarter workforce with better retention rates.”

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