Integrating online services into your business bookkeeping

Banking online has become extremely popular for personal use, but businesses of all sizes may have even more to gain from online banking services:

  • Save time. Eliminate time-consuming trips to the bank and schedule/pay bills quickly and efficiently. Plus, 24/7 access means you don’t have to get to the bank before it closes.
  • Stay organized. File and track financial information electronically.
  • Get convenient access. Enjoy immediate access to vital financial information.
  • Go green/eliminate wasted paper. Go as paperless as possible to save money and the environment.
  • Improve security. Paper copies travel through much less secure routes with an increased chance of getting lost or stolen. In addition to sophisticated online security systems, businesses can monitor accounts online easily and can set alerts for unusual activity or low balances.
  • Manage cash flow. Built-in reporting helps you easily monitor and analyze income, expenses, current balances, and real-time cash flow. 

Getting Started

The right tools not only make any job easier, they should also produce a better result. Online banking tools are no different. Our website redesign is focused on bringing you the right tools in an easy-to-use format that are intended to help you do your job better.

If you’ve never banked online before, here are some basic tools to help you get your feet wet:

  • eStatements allow you get rid of the paper clutter and receive your statements electronically each month. You can view information online or download eStatements to save and file on your computer.

To get started: Click BANKING LOGIN on any page on the State Bank of Cross Plains website. Either login or click on ENROLL along the bottom of the box. Once you are logged into your business account, click on ADD eSTATEMENTS. Complete the enrollment form. At this point you can view your account activity at any time and will receive automatic email notifications when your eStatement is available each month.

  • My $ - Money Manager is a finance management tool that provides a place for you to collect account data for all your different types of accounts whether they are housed at SBCP or elsewhere. Pull your corporate credit cards, investment accounts, mortgage, insurance, and retirement accounts into one interface to track progress, plan your portfolio, and analyze information for budgeting and cash flow.

To get started: Log into ONLINE BANKING and select BUDGET from the home screen. Once enrolled, simply select ADD ACCOUNTS to begin collecting account data in one location.

  • Bill Pay enables you to store information about regular vendors in your online account so that paying an invoice comes down to entering the amount and choosing the date to send payment. That’s it. The money is either sent by check or transferred wirelessly. You can even schedule regular payments – such as utilities – so they get paid automatically each month. Efficiency at its best!
To get started: This one might be the easiest of all. Once you’ve logged into your business account click on the BILL PAY tab.


Getting Help

Not tech savvy? No worries. Call our Business Online Services number at (855) 256-7328 for information or assistance. You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. We’re here to help.

These are just a few of the basic tools to get you started. Visit with our VP-Treasury Management for a personalized review of how to integrate our full array of online banking tools into your business. You can reach us at (855) 256-7328.

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