Make Life More Efficient & Effective With Private Banking

As an independent community bank, we are known for our modern approach to supporting businesses and consumers by offering services more typical of larger financial institutions, in an environment that values one-on-one personal relationships and community involvement.

That’s a mouthful. What does all that mean to you?

It means you get all the individual attention that comes from being a bigger fish in a smaller pond along with all the bells and whistles that big banks offer. A great example of one of those premium services at State Bank of Cross Plains is our Private Banking department.

What Is Private Banking?

Private Banking is the concept that those who utilize a wide variety of banking services or have complex banking needs can benefit from having one main contact – a Private Banker – who coordinates all their services and helps simplify the banking experience.

Just as an individual’s or organization’s net worth grows over time, their banking needs also grow more complex. Usually there is a tipping point, when a person, family, or institution requires coordination among bank deposit accounts, wealth management, treasury management, trust services, fraud protection, personal or commercial lending, and more.

Who Should Consider Private Banking?

The complexity of a couple’s or organization’s banking often coincides with their overall net worth. That said, there are some general ballpark qualifications but no hard-and-fast cutoffs for taking advantage of the Private Banking services.

The real benefit of Private Banking comes from the easy coordination and management of your finances across many services. For instance, how many of the following services do you (or your business) require? The more juggling you have to do, the more benefit you would get from our complimentary Private Banking support, such as:

  • Deposit accounts
  • Consumer banking
  • Business banking
  • Mortgage lending (personal)
  • Commercial real estate lending (business)
  • Lines of credit and other lending services
  • Investment services and financial planning
  • Wealth management
  • Trust and estate administration
  • Treasury management
  • Succession planning
  • College savings
  • Online and mobile banking
  • Fraud protection
  • Shareholder loans
  • Partnership buy-in loans
  • ACHs and wires

Why Bother with Private Banking?

The benefits of Private Banking far exceed the basic coordination of banking activity. In addition to the simplicity of a single point of contact, getting to know your comprehensive banking needs enables us to provide customized options.

Other perks and advantages stem from developing a more complete relationship, as well. Our Private Banking Customer Care Center can update travel notes and conduct wire transfers. You may also qualify for:

  • Fee waivers
  • Streamlined approvals
  • No closing costs
  • Free credit monitoring
  • Higher interest earnings on deposits
  • Higher limits on debit and credit cards
  • And more…

In short, your banking is more efficient and more effective.

How Do I Get Started?

For more information about whether you qualify for Private Banking and how State Bank of Cross Plains can customize your banking experience, send Jane Simon an email or give her a call at (608) 828-2293.

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