Online Bill Pay: Paying Bills Is Now Faster, Safer, and Cheaper

If you are still on the fence about online Bill Pay, it’s time to give it a try thanks to a new function called “Bill Capture.” You can now enter all those long account numbers and vendor addresses into your Bill Pay account with the snap of a picture on the app using your mobile phone (similar to mobile deposit).

Just take a photo of your bill, and you’re ready to schedule payment.

Bill Pay is Fast and Easy

Paying bills online is a great time management tool. Consider this:

  • No more missing deadlines. Schedule payments as bills come in rather than trying to remember to drop the check in the mail on the right day. Simply fill in the “Deliver by” field to ensure the money arrives on the date you choose.
  • Pay bills anywhere, anytime. Waiting in the car to pick up your kids? Eating lunch at work? Got five minutes before the game starts? Pay bills anywhere by downloading the mobile Bill Pay app onto your phone. You can even elect to receive some bills through the Bill Pay app so you can log in and schedule payment without waiting for a physical bill in the mail.
  • Check to see if a bill has been paid. Wondering if you paid your credit card bill this month? Things you do regularly can make you second-guess whether it got done this time. Simply log into your Bill Pay account and see what has been paid and what is scheduled for upcoming payment.

SBCP Bill Pay Provides Extra Safety

Fraud and identity theft are real concerns in this day and age. Online Bill Pay offers some additional security when paying bills:

  • Eliminate mailbox theft. Your bank account number is on your checks. Paying online means your account number is encrypted during transit and is handled by fewer people.
  • Account info is not stored on your device. All your account information is stored in your app, not on your device. The Bill Pay app provides password protection and encryption services.
  • Consolidate and Simplify. Many businesses—such as utilities and health care providers—offer online payment on their own website. However, this scenario means you have to give your account information to multiple sites and maintain multiple passwords. Instead, keep everything in one secure location.

Bill Pay Saves Money and Environmental Resources

Alright…nobody is claiming that Bill Pay will save the world, but it does provide some cost efficiencies and environmental benefits:

  • No stamps. No need to pay for stamps. No running out of stamps. No need to go somewhere to buy stamps.
  • No envelopes. See “No stamps.”
  • Use fewer checks. Again, pay for fewer checks, and less chance of running out of checks when a bill is due.
  • Fewer paper bills. Many large companies now offer eBilling right in the Bill Pay app. Look for an icon that says “Get eBill” for any payees in your list.

Getting Started is Easy

It’s easy to get started with online Bill Pay. You can enroll online through the SBCP website. If you want to learn more or need help getting started, there is a lot of support available at your fingertips:

  • Watch a video demo of how Bill Pay works.
  • Interactive Video Player

  • Read a step-by-step written guide explaining how to enroll online.
  • Get any other questions answered with one-on-one help through SBCP’s toll free call center: 1 (855) 256-7328
Bill Pay is a powerful tool that can help give you more control over your bills, your money, and your time. Start enjoying the benefits of online payment options today.

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