Relationship Banking: The Difference Between Selling and Solving

At State Bank of Cross Plains, we focus on Relationship Banking. No matter what problem or opportunity brings you to our office, we want to provide a solution.  The better we get to know you, the more we understand what might make your life easier. It’s about forming a long-term relationship, not making a single transaction.

Our mission is to help you grow and succeed; whatever that looks like to you.

Recent events in the news might make you believe that banks are after your money, rather than wanting to help you make the most of your money.  However, Relationship Banking is the opposite of selling. Instead, Relationship Banking is about solving. It puts your needs first.

For example:

  • Does your business constantly have you on the road with little to no time for office paperwork? State Bank has online banking and a business mobile app that allows you to check balances and make deposits on your phone from anywhere.
  • Does your business have upfront expenses that tie up your cash flow all month? State Bank has lines of credit at competitive rates that can be utilized for just these expenses, allowing cash to stay in your account for other needed purchases.
  • Are you or your family setting up an estate and no one has the expertise or desire to take on the responsibility of handling the assets, tax filings, or distribution of the assets? State Bank has a Wealth Management Department that can be assigned as your Trustee and can handle all of this for you.
  • Do you own your house and finally want to remodel that awful kitchen or downstairs bathroom? State Bank has Personal Bankers who can get that loan done for you and set it up online with automatic payment each month so you never forget!
  • Does your business have expenses such as gas or small amounts of inventory that are eating up your monthly cash flow? State Bank has instant issue business credit cards available that can extend your payables and expenses; keeping cash in your account.  Pay it off each month and you won’t even pay interest.  Also, put your own business logo on your credit (or debit) card, and promote your own business with every swipe!
  • Do you worry about fraud and cybersecurity for your business? State Bank has a suite of Treasury Management products available that add additional security layers to your accounts.
Relationship Banking is about having conversations and learning about your frustrations. It’s about solving problems and working together to help you reach your goals.

There are other side benefits when you have your entire financial relationship with State Bank of Cross Plains. For instance, it allows you to receive the best possible rates on your business loans.  More products and services are more cost effective, and we always pass that savings on to our Customers!

Start a Relationship with State Bank of Cross Plains. You’ll immediately understand what we mean by: Yeah, we can do that.

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