Rene Johnson Quoted in Wisconsin State Farmer

Rene Johnson was featured in a recent Wisconsin State Farmer piece about the statewide June Dairy Breakfasts – and more specifically, this past Saturday’s 44th Annual Rock County Breakfast on the Farm. 

Like many things, Covid forced the cancellation of last year’s event.

“My question asking if people would come after a year off was answered by Rene Johnson, Evansville, a longtime ag loan officer now at the State Bank of Cross Plains, who was working at the ticket sales booth. ‘We have sold 3,500 tickets so far,’ she said. ‘And it’s about 10:30 am with people still coming.’”

As the article goes on to explain, the “June Dairy Breakfasts are an opportunity for consumers to learn where their food comes from and how it is produced, and for farmers, it is a time to show and tell the story. June Dairy Month is a big event in Wisconsin with thousands of dairy folks involved in organizing and running the events and many more thousands of people eating, talking, learning and enjoying.”

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