SBCP Website Address Will Change from To

A new website domain extension ".bank" was created to strengthen cyber security for financial institutions industry-wide.

State Bank of Cross Plains will be taking advantage of this improved security by changing our website domain name to The tentative date for the name change is scheduled for July 24, 2018, pending any unexpected technical issues.

The ".bank" extension is only available to verified banks and other qualifying financials and cannot be cloned to create a fraudulent "dummy site" that could trick customers into giving out your username or password.

Below are answers to some things we think you might be wondering about. We will continue to keep you updated if timelines change or more details become available.

Q: Were you forced to make this change because the bank website was hacked? Is my information in jeopardy?

No. We are choosing to proactively upgrade our website domain name from .com to .bank in order to provide the best protection possible for our SBCP customers. We wanted to take advantage of every available opportunity to ensure the security of our customers.

Q: How does changing the domain name provide more protection?

The protections come from the process for applying for and receiving the .bank extension. Only verified banks and other financial institutions qualify for the .bank extension. The application process includes an in-depth background check and verification stage that is not part of a normal website naming procedure.

Anyone can set up a website – or clone a website – that uses typical extensions, such as .com, .org, .biz, .us, .net, and so on. The .bank extension cannot be set up without significant validation and cannot be cloned thanks to that application process.

Q: If the .bank extension offers additional security, why haven’t other banks made the change?

Changing your domain name to include .bank is totally voluntary. We expect all financial institutions to make this switch eventually, but the process takes an investment of time, money, and employee resources. Despite the cost to us, we didn’t want to postpone any opportunity to improve security for our bank customers.

Q: When will the website address switch from to

State Bank of Cross Plains plans to take advantage of this improved security by changing our website domain name to beginning July 24, 2018. Please be aware that this is a complex project, so the scheduled conversion may have to be delayed for unexpected technical issues. If that happens, we will keep you informed of the updated schedule and revised conversion date.

Q: What is the new website address for State Bank of Cross Plains?

Our current website address is Our new website address will be beginning July 24 (this date is our target conversion date, which could change due to unforeseen issues). Website addresses with the “s” at the end of “https” include additional security measures. The .bank extension will provide even more security.

Q: Do I need to capitalize SBCP when I visit

No. We like to capitalize it to remain consistent with other instances when we abbreviate State Bank of Cross Plains to SBCP. However, you can use and interchangeably.

Q: After the website conversion is complete, what happens if I try to go to by mistake?

If you mistakenly go to, you will be redirected to the more secure website. We will maintain ownership of

Q: I sometimes email employees of State Bank of Cross Plains. Will their email addresses still work?

If you use an outdated email address after the conversion to is complete, our employee will still receive your email via a secure forwarding process. However, we encourage you to update that email in your address book after July 27 to the address to avoid any problems down the road.

Once the emails become inactive based on lack of usage, we will shut down the forwarding function. All customers and employees will be notified prior to shutting down the forwarding function, but we expect this to be a lengthy process that happens over the course of months or years rather than days or weeks.

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