Tap Your Business Credit Card's Full Potential

BY: Sam Huntington

Every year, business credit cards gain functionality and become easier to use, and 2022 is no different. Make sure you're getting the full benefit of your card program this year by taking advantage of the following features and tips:

  • Monitor Employee Spending with SpendTrack: We upgraded our credit card platform in late 2021, and with that upgrade came a new feature called SpendTrack, a business card-specific interface that allows you to manage your company’s card usage. Accounts with multiple cardholders can be set up to have an authorized user view every cardholder’s spending, to catch any mistakes when they happen.
  • Upload Transactions to Your Accounting System: Our card system allows you to create and send transactions in your choice of file formats, including Quicken, QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, and a standard comma separated value (.csv) file. 
  • Download the CardValet® App: CardValet® allows authorized users to turn their credit card on and off, define spending limits, and even control where the card can be used. Downloading the app will let you manage your business credit card from the convenience of your mobile device.
  • Customize Your Card With Your Company’s Logo: Creating a custom card design affords you the opportunity to expand your marketing efforts by showcasing your business to anyone who accepts your card. It also helps you quickly identify the right card in your wallet when you’re at the checkout counter. 
  • Know Your Rewards Program: These days, rewards programs are table stakes for business credit cards, but the simple fact is, they're not all created equal. We offer uChoose Rewards to allow our business cardholders to earn points and choose from literally millions of items of rewards, including cash back. As a business owner, you can decide whether each card accrues points separately or you can elect to have them roll into one master account.
  • Set Up Automatic Payments: Setting up your card account for auto payments is a great way to make sure you always pay on time. You can choose whether you want to pay the entire balance or the minimum payment, and you’re assured of making every payment right on the due date.
  • Keep Your Business and Personal Card Separate: Avoid major headaches at tax time by only using your business card for business expenses and your personal cards for personal expenses. (I’m talking to you, sole proprietors.) We don’t have annual fees on any of our card types, so accurately classifying expenses is easy and cost effective.
  • Review Current Cardholders and Credit Limits: Make sure to consider who needs a credit card when onboarding new employees and as job responsibilities change. Remember cancel the credit card when employees leave the organization by adding this to an HR checklist. At least once a year, review a list of all cardholders, their contact information and spending limits, and ensure your master credit limit is where you need it to be.
  • Set Up Touch-Free Payments: Use the latest mobile wallet payment methods like Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. Touch-free payments add a degree of safety and allow you to pay quickly and conveniently at checkout in stores, online, and for in-app purchases. 
  • Read Up on Your Credit Card Benefits: Credit cards have all kinds of perks, but you need to know what they are and how to use them. Reading the fine print in your credit card agreement is not only a cure for insomnia, but you might uncover some great benefits you never knew about out. 

Please send me a message or give me a call at (608) 826-3516 if you would like to hear how to incorporate business credit cards into your short-term payment process.  


Sam Huntington

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