Together, Everyone Achieves More

BY: Sam Huntington

"Together, everyone achieves more." More than simply a clever mnemonic device that encapsulates the importance a unified collective working toward a common goal – a TEAM – this phrase underpins the approach that State Bank of Cross Plains' commercial & ag, treasury management, wealth management, private banking, and other financial professionals bring with them to the office (or home office) every day. It's a mindset that allows us to maximize results for our partners, and that's helped propel our own business forward for the past 110+ years.

The realities of commercial banking in today's landscape are such that a single person, regardless of how well-trained, market-savvy, or educated they might be, cannot be expected to have total mastery of the subject. There are simply too many complexities and nuances; the spectrum is too wide. We recognize this, and use it to our advantage. By having bankers who maintain specialized expertise in specific areas, and who work together, we're able to deliver a higher level of service to and a better overall experience for our customers.

These critical areas for a business include:

Commercial & Agricultural Lending 

Structuring credit to allow you to manage cash flow and grow your business according to your plan is a hallmark of how our Commercial team (which includes ag) does business. Our commercial & ag lenders understand the technical aspects of small business programs, equipment leasing, crop insurance policies, business credit lines, commercial real estate borrowing, letters of credit, and land development loans. We can provide you with options for rates and terms, and devote the time necessary to help you evaluate all available alternatives, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that, whatever route you choose or option you select, you'll be making the best-informed decision possible. 

Treasury Management

Our Treasury Management department operates with the singular goal of helping customers manage their deposit accounts with maximum efficiency. They're able to help your business make and receive payments by credit card, ACH, and wire transfer with ease. They can also assist with concentrating cash and providing access to a bevy of electronic banking services. Treasury management coordinates fraud mitigation tools such as Positive Pay and ACH Filter and can help organizations develop internal and external fraud policies and controls. Our deposit operation specialists provide expert implementation and ongoing support to ensure you make the most of your treasury management relationship.

Wealth Management

In addition to serving individuals, our Wealth Management team benefits business clients in several ways:

  1. They provide opportunities for higher returns by creating custom investment accounts for excess cash.
  2. They craft qualified and non-qualified retirement plan options that promote employee attraction & retention.
  3. Their trust & estate administration experts assist in the creation of business succession plans, to provide stability now and into the future.

Private Banking

As your business has grown, it’s likely that your personal finances have also become more complex. Let's face it: It's a good problem to have, and our Private Banking team can be the solution. They're available to help you simplify and coordinate your personal banking, working with you to manage personal deposit accounts, structure mortgage and home equity loans, college savings plans, and generally be the point of contact for all of your personal financial needs. 

Our Locations

At each of our locations, our office managers, personal bankers, and customer support staff are fully equipped with the necessary resources to assist, whatever the issue is. At locations with integrated teller machines (ITMs), you can even handle your business in the drive-up lane, all from the comfort of your vehicle. 

In addition to providing subject-matter expertise, it’s our job to make sure that you have easy access to all this knowledge. That’s why we provide an account relationship manager to be your point of contact. Many of our business clients reach out directly to the subject matter experts listed above, but having an account manager means you don’t need to remember who knows what – your relationship manager acts as the quarterback and will coordinate the right people to ensure your needs are met quickly and with the specialized experience you deserve. 

If you'd like to connect live to discuss all that we can do to help push your business forward, please reach out to me directly at (608) 326-3516.


Sam Huntington

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