We're Movin' on Up to the East Side

BY: Stanley D. Koopmans

I am really excited about moving my office to State Bank of Cross Plains' new loan production office (LPO) on the Northeast Side of Madison! I have lived in this general vicinity for nearly 30 years and truly love the community and personality that is unique to Madison's East Side and its nearby municipalities.

While technology has made physical locations less important in depositing money, tracking accounts, and making payments, I'm a firm believer that things are different when it comes to business banking. There is a distinct benefit in working with a banking partner who is familiar with your business, your market, and your community. There is also some satisfaction from doing certain types of business face-to-face, especially financial discussions. With that in mind, we chose to open a location closer to our growing base of business customers on this side of town and Dane County.

What's a Loan Production Office (LPO)?

Simply put, a Loan Production Office is an office that provides loan application services for Mortgage, Business and Commercial Loans.  It does not offer depository services or payment processing like a typical bank branch would.

How will having an SBCP Loan Processing Office on the East Side help your business?

Yes, we're excited, but why should you care?

EASY ACCESS Located at 2418 Crossroads Drive, Suite 2700 (just off the Interstate at High Crossing Boulevard), the LPO offers convenient access to your commercial or industrial business.
EXPERIENCE Not only do we live and work on the East Side, those of us staffing this location have worked extensively with organizations in the vibrant business parks throughout this area, including the East and North sides of Madison, as well as Sun Prairie, Columbus, Beaver Dam, Cottage Grove, Deerfield, and Fort Atkinson. We're familiar with the opportunities and the obstacles you should be aware of as our partners and customers.
PERSONAL ATTENTION We're big enough to take care of all your needs, but small enough to care about you as a person and a neighbor. We're local people who care about local jobs and local growth.
FULL SERVICE As the largest independent community bank in Dane County, State Bank of Cross Plains can provide much more than loan origination. When you combine the LPO with our other locations, we have the size and resources to provide our business customers with everything you need to develop, grow, and thrive at every stage of operation. We can also provide services to employees and owners alike, including everything from wealth management to fraud protection.
I'm looking forward to serving the wide variety of manufacturing, industrial, high-tech, retail, service, and non-profit companies in an area where I'm proud to live and work. Let me know how I can help by calling (608) 826-3519 or by email at skoopmans@sbcp.bank.

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