While some banks have abandoned their commitment to the farm producers who planted the seeds of entire towns across southern Wisconsin, SBCP is re-committing to that industry.

Our team not only knows what it takes to farm since we have or currently farm ourselves, but we also know what it takes to finance it.

When you work with an agricultural lender from SBCP you will be working with someone that is a colleague in agriculture. The person working with you is someone whose history and life’s work looks a lot like your own. You can bet that means we also know how precious time in the barn or the field is too! 

Our Ag specialists can provide you with numerous financing resources for your business. They include:

Operating Loans

Used for crop inputs, feeder livestock, feed purchases and general farm operating expenses. We offer flexible loan terms, and payment dates matched with your commodity sales cycles.

Term Loans

Designed for capital purchases with up to a seven-year asset life, such as breeding livestock, machinery, equipment, vehicles, irrigation, construction and improvements. Loan amortization and repayment schedule is matched with asset life and the borrower’s cash flow. Interest rates may be variable or fixed.

Real Estate Loans

Customized for the purchase or refinance of farm real estate, bare farm land, recreational land, and buildings or improvements. Our real estate loans are designed to fit your needs with amortization up to 30 years, a variety of variable or fixed interest rates, and payment timing to match cash flow.

Young & Beginning Farmer Loans

Help borrowers get new and existing operations off the ground and running. Financing packages are designed to meet the unique needs and goals of the borrower. SBCP is a ‘Preferred Lender’ with USDA-Farm Service Agency, making it possible to provide features, such as extended amortizations, low down payment plans, low interest rates and flexible repayment plans. SBCP offers the information and advice beginning farmers need to guarantee long-term success.

For quotes and more information: please contact Rene Johnson Julie Johnson Dave Wyttenbach Paul Lawinger and Lisa Higgins
Or call us:  (608) 424-2319