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Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a growing farmer, or an established business owner, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate. Our business and agriculture lenders are here to make your life a little easier. Regardless of your situation, we’re committed to helping you find the best available option to help you launch, grow, or otherwise improve your operation. We handle the details, so you can focus on what’s really important. Delivering our customers peace of mind every day … yeah, we can do that.

Now, let's get started with your application.

Our application process is easy to use, offers local support and ensures your information is secure. The first step is to connect with a lender to initiate the process.

Once you and your lender are ready to move forward, use the information below for assistance as you complete the online application process. After you click submit, your lender will review your application within 24-48 business hours and will then contact you to discuss next steps.

***If you haven't already, please contact a business or agriculture lender to initiate the process BEFORE applying with the link below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the following information before you start the application process. If you need additional assistance,  please reach out to your commercial or agriculture lender. If your lender is not available, please send an email inquiry to or contact Customer Support at (608) 798-2400.



General Questions

State Bank of Cross Plains (SBCP) accepts online applications, for all business and agricultural loans.  Please speak with a banker to get the application process started. 

To ensure that we can provide the best service possible, we request that applicants who do not already have a lender with SBCP, speak with a banker prior to starting an online application.  You can find business and ag lender contact information here.

  • Step 1: Access website at
  • Step 2: Click Don’t have an account yet? Create One.
  • Step 3: Enter First and Last Name and Email Address, then click Continue
  • Step 4: Go to email inbox and obtain code sent to verify your email address
  • Step 5: Enter code, then click Continue
  • Step 5: Create a password and store in a safe place for future use

Once you create an account for the online application portal, your credentials will remain the same each time you log in even when applying for additional, new loans in the future. 

If you ever forget your password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link to reset - SBCP will not be able to reset your password directly. 

Each Online Portal Account User must be set up with a unique email address not used by another online portal account user. 

Find additional applications and instructions here.

No, you should not share an account with another person.  The only time this is appropriate, is if the application is being completed by married persons as borrower and co-borrower.

We have options available to help anyone who requests assistance with completing an online application.

Contact your lender to discuss and find the best option for you.  Options include the lender visiting you at your home or business, or you coming to one of our office locations.

If you have forgotten the password to your account, click on Forgot Password located on the login screen to reset your password.  SBCP cannot reset your password for you directly.

Generally, one primary contact person of a business entity will complete the bulk of an online application. A business may also authorize a non-owner to complete an online application on behalf of the business.

If you have previously applied via your online portal, some of your information will be retained for use in future applications.  You can use this saved information or delete and add new information.  Please review and update as needed for any new requests.


Your lender may start your application internally and push out to you to complete and upload documents. Some of the fields in your application will be pre-filled.  It is still important for you to review all of the information that pre-fills to ensure it is accurate and complete all remaining required fields.

Most fields in the application can be edited prior to submitting the application. If you chose the incorrect type of loan on the first screen of the application, this screen is unable to be changed. If this occurs, please contact your lender. You may need to start a new application.

If you want an unsecured loan, you must choose UNSECURED on the first page of the application.  This page cannot be accessed again once you’ve begun the application process.  Choosing Unsecured on first page will eliminate the Collateral page in the application. If you did not chose Unsecured when starting the application, please notify your lender as you will need to start a new application and the first one will be removed.

If your loan request is for a Non-Profit, Municipality or other type of organization without owners, you must choose NON-PROFIT/MUNICIPAL on the first page of the application.  This page cannot be accessed again once you’ve begun the application process. Choosing Non-Profit/Municipal will eliminate the Beneficial Owners section and the Guarantor page in the application.  If you did not chose Non-Profit / Municipal when starting the application, please notify your lender as you will need to start a new application and the first one will be removed.

Guarantors and Co-Borrowers

There are a few different reasons why multiple people may need access to an application.

  1. To complete personal/contact information (for other guarantors or co-borrowers)
  2. To upload required documents (for other guarantors or co-borrowers)
  3. To allow an accountant or other third party to upload required documents

The primary contact person can invite other guarantors or co-borrowers to the application when they are initially setting those people up in the application.  This will provide access to those other people to complete their own personal/contact information and to upload their own documents.


The primary contact person will need to contact their lender if the above step is not completed initially. The lender will be able to invite other people to access the application as needed.

Any additional people invited to an open application will be required to create their own online application portal account prior to accessing a shared application. 

If the primary contact person does not have available or does not wish to complete the personal information sections for other guarantor(s) or co-borrower(s), they can invite those individuals to access the applications.

They will select within the application whether they can complete the information on the other person’s behalf, or if each individual will complete their own information.

If each individual needs to complete their own section, the primary contact will:

  • Click to add a guarantor (or co-borrower) (as many times as needed)
  • Enter each person’s name and email address when prompted
  • Click Save and Continue

This additional person (or people) will receive an email from instructing them to click a link to set up their own account and join an in-progress application to complete their personal information.  (The primary contact person should notify any additional people separately, so they are aware that this email will be coming to them).

Anyone invited to an application this way will see the open application in their online application portal once their own account is created.

Required Documentation

The required list of documentation will be shown in the online application.  It will include basic documents used to assist in making a credit decision. In some instances, it may include supplementary documents as well. 

These documents may pertain to the borrower, the guarantor(s) and co-borrower(s).

If you do not have the required document(s) listed available to upload or you believe they have previously been provided to the bank, please contact your lender.  Your lender can remove the document(s) from the list so you can continue with submitting the application.

*Applications cannot be submitted until all required documentation has been uploaded.

If the primary contact completing the application does not have access to upload all required documents from other people listed in application (guarantors or co-borrower’s), he/she should contact their lender to invite those individuals to the open application so they can upload their own documents.

If you would like your accountant or other third party person to upload documents to your application, contact your lender. The lender can invite them to have access to your application.

Submitting Applications

You may receive a warning message when you click to submit your application.

This message will appear when you have not entered all required fields, have not uploaded all required documents, have not authorized bank to pull credit report, or have not accepted the Terms and Conditions.

Review and complete your application based on the error message received and resubmit until successful.

Your lender will review your application and documentation within 24-48 business hours of submission and will then contact you to discuss your application and next steps.

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