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When you enroll in this service, you are agreeing to discontinue paper statements and notices and receive an email notification stating that your statement or notice is available.  You will need to log in to Online Banking to view your statement or notice.  Notices available are Checking Transfer Notices, Checking Overdraft Notices, Loan Billing Statements, Loan Billing Notices, Loan Payment Receipts, and Loan Past Due Notices.  Additional notices may be added from time to time. Please provide all the requested information.  When you have completed the enrollment form, press the Submit button to send your form to State Bank of Cross Plains. All forms are completely secured. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support Team at 1-855-256-7328 or 608-798-2400.

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It is our practice to combine identically titled deposit accounts onto one statement. If you have multiple deposit accounts, now or in the future, that are identically titled, the Bank may combine the deposit accounts onto one electronic statement.

Please note: By submitting this form you are certifying under the penalties of perjury that you are the above named person within this document, that you are an owner, signer, or authorized person on the account(s) listed above and that the email address listed above is your email address.

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