ITM - Interactive Teller Machine

Your drive-up experience is getting a new look.

Introducing the ITM - Interactive Teller Machine

It's the "next generation" ATM - able to perform a variety of transactions you normally complete in the lobby or at a drive-up by using a digital interactive platform from the comfort of your vehicle - for no additional fee.


Want that Human Interaction?

Just tap the "Request Teller Assistance" button during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:30 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am-12:00 pm) and a "live and local" Bank employee will appear on screen to assist you.


    Reference our frequently asked questions below. Still need help? Reach out to us online or chat us!

    Cash checks

    Deposit cash and checks

    Make credit card payments

    Make loan payments

    Transfer funds

    Withdraw cash

    Ask questions about your account

    At this time you can deposit cash and checks, transfer funds, and withdraw cash. 

    We have drive-thru ITMs at our offices in Evansville, Middleton, Verona and Waunakee. We also have a walk-up ITM inside the kiosk of our Janesville office. Additional ITMs are planned for our Oregon office in late 2021. 

    All of our representatives each work at one of our bank offices - though not necessarily the office you are visiting.