We are getting closer to completing our merger with Monona Bank (MB). On behalf of all the associates you already know from SBCP, and all the associates we hope you’ll have a chance to meet from MB, we want to welcome you to Lake Ridge Bank.

We knew right from the start that one of the most important decisions we would need to make was what to name our new bank.

The simplest (and best) strategy is to avoid regrettable retirement decisions in the first place. Following are examples of those decisions.

Check fraud accounts for more deposit account losses – $1.3 billion in 2018 – than any other payment method, according to the American Bankers Association. Our bank’s Treasury Management team has a few suggestions for businesses to avoid becoming victims of check fraud.

For much of the last six months or so, the inflation data has remained high, the Fed raises rates, the markets react thinking the Fed is going to slow or reduce the size of their rate hikes only to have those hopes dashed. Rinse and repeat. The whole thing is getting old for everyone.

When shopping online during the holiday season—or any time of year—always be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. Do your part to avoid becoming a scammer’s next victim.

Media coverage of Social Security going “bankrupt” has been prevalent for years, but it is not based on reality. Being proactive and taking the following steps can help reassure you that comfort in retirement is still within reach.

July was awesome, August was a reality check, and September was a horror story. At times, this year it has felt like we have been on a thrill ride at an amusement park – and I am not talking about the Dumbo ride at Disney World.

While leaving an inheritance is not a new concept, Baby Boomers have developed some trends around the practice that distinguish them from their parents and the giving habits of previous generations. These creative strategies enable the gifter to do all they can to give a little extra and enjoy the process along the way. We delve into several such strategies here.

If you are already making regular contributions to a cause and/or plan to initiate a large gift in the near future, we recommend having a conversation with your wealth advisor. By approaching your charitable giving strategically, you can make your money go further to create a bigger impact.

Moreso than others in recent memory (with the notable exception of 2020), this year has been hard to figure out – all the twists, turns, ups, and downs have left many investors yearning for direction. Borrowing an analogy from the world of entertainment, it’s been more Animal House (i.e., chaotic, shambolic) than Animal Planet (i.e., relaxed, broadly appealing). Let’s enter the zoo and attempt to make sense of the market monkeyshines…

Losses from check fraud continue to rise steadily nationwide, and our market here in the Greater Madison Area is no exception. The silver lining is, there's an easy solution that can greatly reduce the opportunity for check fraud impacting your business deposit account: It’s called Positive Pay.

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