Personal Loans

Make the Impossible, Possible

At State Bank of Cross Plains, we believe your aspirations shouldn’t be put on hold due to your financial situation. Our array of lending options and valuable financial tools can provide you with the resources you need to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Ready to get started or have questions? Contact us today online or call us at (855) 256-7328 to speak with a loan representative.


Car Loans

When you start picturing yourself in your dream car, new or used, we can not only finance your vehicle purchase, but help you determine the best loan option for your situation.

Debt Consolidation

Do you feel like your interest rate is too high? Like you’re in over your head? If yes, it might be time to talk to a State Bank of Cross Plains loan representative about easing the financial pressure. We can discuss your options, and set up a payment plan that you can live with – without the stress.

Recreation and Travel

You’ve got the time for a dream vacation. Now you just need the money. Let us help you take your family to Disneyland or do some soul-searching while backpacking alone through Asia.

Personal Reserve Accounts

As much as we plan, life throws us curve balls. If you have an unexpected expense or make a checking calculation error, a Personal Reserve Account can help.

Student Loans

Whether you are considering college, taking on graduate school, or looking for an option to streamline student loan payments, State Bank of Cross Plains and the iHELP® program can help.


Whether you're buying, building or refinancing, the time is now while mortgage rates remain at historical lows. Our Lenders are here to help! 

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation loans allow you to transfer the account balances from multiple credit cards or installment loans into a single loan and to make a single monthly payment.

Auto Calculators

Explore our auto financial calculators to calculate a vehicle payment, compare two loan options, learn about leasing vs purchasing your next vehicle, and more...  

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