Direct Deposit

Access Your Paycheck Faster with Direct Deposit

Too much to do on payday? Skip that extra trip to the bank and get your money deposited safely and automatically. Direct Deposit is convenient and easy to set up. 

What is Direct Deposit?
Direct Deposit is a free service that automatically deposits payroll checks or other recurring payments into your State Bank of Cross Plains checking or savings account.



    Benefits of Direct Deposit


    You can save your personal time by avoiding that extra trip to the bank or ATM to deposit your paycheck.


    Direct Deposit reduces the risk of unauthorized people from reviewing your personal information.


    Get same-day access to your funds on the day of deposit – sometimes before you’re even out of bed.


    No more worrying about your paycheck getting lost, stolen, damaged or delayed.

    How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

    1. Verify that your employer (or the government agency that provides you with a recurring payment) offers Direct Deposit.
    2. Download and fill out our Direct Deposit enrollment form linked below.
    3. Submit the completed form to your employer, along with a voided check, to have them establish Direct Deposit into your SBCP personal checking and/or savings account.
    4. Monitor your account – it may take one or two pay periods before Direct Deposit goes into effect. We highly recommend setting up Account Alerts to keep track of all your account activity.

    Still need help? Reach out to us online!