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Our Personal Savings Accounts are Getting an Upgrade

In a few months we will merge with Monona Bank, so we are currently revising our deposit accounts - incorporating the best features and benefits from each institution. Online applications are currently unavailable. If you would like to open a new account with us, then please contact one of our offices to come in and meet with one of our associates.


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Fixed-Rate Certificate of Deposit

Certificates of deposits2 , or CDs, are low-risk investments for money you don’t need for several months or years. We offer:

  • Terms from three months to five years
  • Fixed interest rate paid on entire balance
  • Quarterly paid interest
  • Automatic renewal terms and customizable terms 
  • Checking with no monthly fee for those who qualify
  • With a $2,500 minimum opening balance, you can start growing your money and your financial future

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Individual Retirement Accounts

If you’re looking to plan for the long-term future, IRAs can help you save more for retirement. Traditional and Roth IRA benefits and features include:

  • Tax-free growth on Roth IRAs 3 
  • Tax-deferred growth on Traditional IRAs 4 
  • "Catch-up" contributions available for individuals age 50 and over 
  • Certificate of Deposit, Variable Rate, and Money Market IRA options available 
  • Small minimum opening balance of $50 for Money Market IRAs
  • Interest compounded quarterly

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1 Click here for a complete list of account fees and options
2 Penalty for early withdrawal on Fixed Rate Certificate of Deposit accounts 
3 Penalty for early withdrawal on Roth IRAs. Variable Rate IRA interest rates are adjusted quarterly
4 Traditional IRA contributions may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for more information. Maximum annual contribution limits regulated by law. Tax-advantaged growth available to qualified individuals.