Hesitant to try Online and Mobile Banking?

As safer-at-home policies continue to reshape the American lifestyle and force us to adapt to the current environment, there are luckily systems in place to accommodate this new way of life. The State Bank of Cross Plains has flexible and convenient tools available for both business and consumers to continue to operate and handle their banking needs from home.

If you have been hesitant to learn more about these technologies, now might be the time to take that first step. The following tools are available to you from the convenience of your home using your computer and mobile phone:

  • budget guides
  • alerts and notices
  • bill pay
  • limit settings
  • and much more!

Online Banking Using Your Computer or Tablet

The State Bank of Cross Plains website gives you access to many applications, including helpful budgeting tools. If you enroll in Online Banking, there is a tool called My $Money Manager (select BUDGET from the home screen after logging into Online Banking). This personal finance manager enables you to set goals for yourself for saving and track that progress. You can create budgets to make sure you are not overspending and can also analyze where most of your spending is going. For example, you can generate a pie chart to break down the different sectors of your spending and see where cuts might need to be made. The My $Money Manager helps keep you on track and up-to-date on your current and future spending.

Online Banking also lets you set up alerts and notices on your spending. Get texts, emails, or pop notifications based on limits you establish customized to your notification style. For example, let’s say you prefer to get alerts via text, and you set your limits so that if there is a charge of $100 or more – or if you fall below a certain dollar amount in your account – you want to be notified. This program will then track your spending and transactions and send you a text anytime those criteria have been breached. This can help protect against fraud, as well as protect you from overdrafts. Online Banking Alerts are an amazing perk to help keep your accounts safe and keep you up-to-date.

On Your Mobile Phone

With your mobile device, you can enjoy additional perks as well, such as the ability to:

  • transfer money
  • pay bills
  • send money with Pop Money to other people
  • deposit checks digitally
You can also do the basics using the Mobile Banking app. This includes:

  • checking recent statements
  • viewing presentments coming in that day
  • seeing current balances for all of your accounts
Mobile Banking is a great extension to add to your online banking to help make your money more accessible to you.

Get More Information

The State Bank of Cross Plains wants to make sure you have the most useful tools available, but it’s also important to us that you understand how to use those tools. You can find an interactive demo and a video that explains these tools here:

There are amazing systems in place to make this strange time of self-isolating easier for our customers. These tools give customers the ability to financially function remotely. Try online and mobile banking today!

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