What are Buyers Looking For?

1. Buyers are favorably motivated by a perceived real difference between your products/services and those offered by competitors

Competitive differentiation, being different and better, is the “secret sauce” necessary for increasing sales…and…retaining valued clients.  That ability to be different and better may reside in your product or service…or…in the manner that you deliver and support them.  Said differently, your ability to thrive is directly related to your ability to stand apart from and above your competitors.  

2. Buyers are favorably motivated by a perceived better value versus buying from a competitor.

Price is generally a factor in any given relationship;  however, you can add value in several ways, including the following: 
1) rapid response to product delivery or service requests;  2) referring business to your client;  3) consistent proactive contact;  4) looking beyond your immediate and obvious relationship in order to discover other needs and provide solutions;  5) providing networking opportunities;  and 6) connecting your customers with resources that will improve their bottom lines.  Think of these as value-added propositions.

3. Buyers are motivated to choose you when they perceive minimal or zero risk when doing business with you.

Said differently, your prospect must believe that he or she is far more likely to experience a ‘gain of ownership’ rather than a ‘loss associated with making a mistake’.

4. Buyers are favorably motivated when they like you.

They must also trust you, have confidence in you, and believe in you, but…it all begins with liking you.  Remember the old adage: “All things being equal, people want to do business with their friends.  All things NOT being equal, people still want to do business with their friends.”

5. Buyers are favorably motivated when they perceive fair price.

Contrary to popular belief, buyers are not always driven by the lowest price.  Statistics prove that if you favorably compare on factors one through four above, price disappears as an issue nearly 70% of the time.  Remember…buyers seek comfort (peace of mind) rather than simply the best price.  In other words, if the decision maker doesn’t feel that it’s the right fit for her or his company, he or she will pass…regardless of price.

What do we have when we excel at these five factors?  The answer is simple:  a GREAT REPUTATION!   

The buyer, the prospect, the customer expects you to have knowledge of their stuff…not just your stuff.

Jeffrey Gitomer

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